Bruce Staude

Bruce had worked for Vocational Services Inc. (VSI)–Sheltered Workshop for over 40 years, but he earned a sub-minimum wage. Bruce was obviously a dedicated employee, but he decided it was time for a change. Retirement was not an option.

A resident of Life Unlimited, Bruce lives in the North Kansas City community with his wife Kathy of 22 years. He independently navigates in his community for shopping, entertainment and volunteering. After seeing his wife Kathy obtain competitive employment, he wanted to do the same.

Life Unlimited Employment Services worked with Bruce in prevocational classes, creating career goals, job development and placement through a combination of Department of Mental Health and Vocational Rehabilitation funding. DMH funding provided prevocational classes for professional growth. Bruce learned to have a positive work attitude, practice good customer service, and to always work hard.

Bruce is going on ten months of being a shining employee for a produce production company in Kansas City, Kansas. His great attitude, attendance, and team player mentality has opened the door for two other clients of Life Unlimited, Inc. – Employment Services to work in production there a swell. Bruce has told us many times that he loves his job, and that truly makes our work all worth it.

Bruce and his wife Kathy both work part time and are fortunate to work the same days. On their off days, they attend literacy classes to improve their reading skills. The couple has shared many times that they are happy in the competitive jobs — and the money they are earning!

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Kathy Staude

Kathy spent over 30 years working at Vocational Services Inc. (VSI)–Sheltered Workshop earning a subminimum wage.

In June of 2017, she made the big decision to change her life and explore competitive employment. Kathy chose Life Unlimited, Inc. – Employment Services to be the service provider.
When Kathy needed to take ‘baby steps’ into competitive employment, DMH funding was instrumental in providing service units for prevocational classes and supported employment for a Life Unlimited training position. Prevocational classes taught Kathy people skills for the workplace, built her confidence and ultimately her self-esteem, and equipped her to enter competitive employment.

Kathy participated in work based training position at Life Unlimited to learn office and receptionist skills, and to earn a minimum wage while training.

Kathy’s reading skills were limited when she began working with Employment Services, so connected her with a reading program through Literacy KC. She made the decision to enroll in and has been attending classes for over a year.

Today, Kathy works for Greater YMCA of Kansas City as a child care attendant, and has retained this job for over a year. Life Unlimited Employment Services utilized vocational rehabilitation funds to provide job placement, job coaching and an opportunity to gain meaningful employment.

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