Sandra has been in our Community Living program for 22 years. Her favorite part about being with Life Unlimited is her independence. This September, Sandra took a once in a lifetime trip on an Alaskan Cruise with her brother. She saved up money to go on the cruise with her two part time jobs, McDonalds and The Manor Thrift Store. Their cruise was through Carnival and they went to six ports: Seattle, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, Victoria, and cruised the Tracy Arm Fjord.

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Julie Turley

When Julie Turley was 23 years old, she walked into Manor Thrift to pick out some curtains for her new apartment down the street. At the counter, she noticed a newsletter for a place called Immacolata Manor detailing their work with women who had intellectual and developmental disabilities. Julie had some experience in the disability field and decided to apply for a job. 37 years later, she doesn’t still have those curtains or that newsletter, but she does still have the job.

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Thanksgiving Meal Delivery

Thanksgiving Celebration

As COVID-19 cases surge across the country and the Kansas City Metro, the holidays look different for many families in 2020. Life Unlimited is doing everything it can to ensure people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) who are separated from family and loved ones can maintain a sense of normalcy during the holiday season.

Life Unlimited staff delivered prepared Thanksgiving meals from Hy-Vee to 68 homes and more than 250 individuals with I/DD.

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Denice Bartley

As if 2020 hasn’t come with enough stress, pain, and uncertainty, imagine being awakened in the middle of the night by billowing smoke and uprooted from your home for months during a global pandemic. Denice Bartley, who provides supports and health services for individuals with disabilities at Life Unlimited, knows this feeling all too well. Her townhouse was damaged in July when a large fire broke out in the adjoining home.

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Remembering Our Loved Ones

In Memoriam

Throughout decades of service, we have been fortunate to know a far-reaching group of friends, family, and loved ones. Unfortunately, as time goes on, that means we have to come to terms with the pain of losing them, too. This page is a way to commemorate those who made a lasting impact and filled the unlimited pages of our story—through years of leadership, support, or simply brightening the days with a smile.

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Kim Boden, Missouri DSP of the Year

With a warm spirit and smile that lights up a room, Kim Boden is the type of employee and caregiver everyone wants to work with. She is a direct support professional (DSP) at Life Unlimited, and in exciting news, she was just named the 2020 Missouri DSP of the Year by the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), a national leader in disability service organizations.

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Liberty Manor

Our Past Forges Our Future:
A Look Inside Liberty Manor

Guest writer and Life Unlimited Fund Development Committee member Susie Whitfield recently joined a group for a tour of Life Unlimited’s historic Immacolata Manor in Liberty, Mo. Her account of that day details how a history of compassion shapes our mission today:

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Bruce Staude

Bruce Staude had worked for Vocational Services Inc. (VSI)–Sheltered Workshop for over 40 years, but he earned a sub-minimum wage. Bruce was obviously a dedicated employee, but he decided it was time for a change. Retirement was not an option.

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Kathy Staude

Kathy Staude spent more than 30 years working at Vocational Services Inc. (VSI)–Sheltered Workshop earning a subminimum wage.

In June of 2017, she made the big decision to change her life and explore competitive employment.

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