Liberty Manor

Our Past Forges Our Future:
A Look Inside Liberty Manor

Guest writer and Life Unlimited Fund Development Committee member Susie Whitfield recently joined a group for a tour of Life Unlimited’s historic Immacolata Manor in Liberty, Mo. Her account of that day details how a history of compassion shapes our mission today:

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Bruce Staude

Bruce had worked for Vocational Services Inc. (VSI)–Sheltered Workshop for over 40 years, but he earned a sub-minimum wage. Bruce was obviously a dedicated employee, but he decided it was time for a change. Retirement was not an option.

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Kathy Staude

Kathy spent over 30 years working at Vocational Services Inc. (VSI)–Sheltered Workshop earning a subminimum wage.

In June of 2017, she made the big decision to change her life and explore competitive employment.

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