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Employment Services

Person-Centered Employment Services for Life Unlimited Individuals.

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Caption: Congratulations to Sarah on her promotion at Panera! Her hard work and dedicated have paid off with a new title as trainer. Her manager said, “She has pretty much mastered the barista station. Her drink portions are better than 95% of my staff. She’s earned a new title.” Good job Sarah!

Employment services help individuals find and maintain meaningful jobs in their community.

We believe every individual, regardless of disability, has abilities and talents to offer their community. A goal for most adults, including adults with developmental disabilities, is to gain meaningful quality employment. We offer individualized employment services to help individuals find and maintain meaningful jobs in their community.

Supports are provided based on each individual’s needs.

Preparation For Employment Success

  • Assessment

    Each Individual seeking employment services will go through an assessment process to identity their strengths, talents, and interests.

  • Job Discovery

    Individuals are given opportunities to volunteer at different types of jobs so they can gain experience and see what types of jobs they excel in and enjoy. This helps the individuals make informed decisions about their career path.

  • Job Skills Training

    Specific training for people to become employed.

  • Job Placement

    We work hard to connect job seekers with the right employer and type of job so that the job seeker is in a job that is meaningful to them and one where they will be a successful employee.

  • Job Coaching

    Job Coaches support people on the job to help them be successful. The type of job coaching needed for each individual.

Employment Program Purpose

Community Employment Services recognizes that one size does not fit all, and focuses on employment opportunities for each individual job seeker. Person-Centered employment is based on each individual’s abilities, skill levels and interests to secure meaningful employment. Meaningful employment brings value and worth to the individual in their job, helps the employee understand how their work helps the goals of the company, and creates a content and more committed worker.

Community Employment Services will commit to prepare the job seeker for employment opportunities by assessing the individual’s work interests, creating resumes, scheduling mock interviews with staff, job coaching the consumer in their job duties and discussing the expectations of the employer.

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Individuals Eligible for Employment Services

  • An individual who has abilities that will contribute to employer goals.
  • An individual who can communicate and/or demonstrate work duties.
  • An individual who is willing to do and be their best in all they attempt to do on the job.
  • An individual who has the ability to self-advocate.
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Supportive Services Provided by Life Unlimited

  • Life Unlimited employment services prepares individuals by assessing career interests, exploring careers, and job preparation.
  • Life Unlimited will provide transportation, assist with possible work accommodations, and job coaching.
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Integrating Business Partners and Services Providers

  • Build relationships and recruit employers with available position openings for individuals with disabilities that meet position qualifications and requirements.
  • Collaborate with employer/business partners to create opportunities for customized employment, job discovery and job shadowing.
  • Engage with service providers who advocate or serve persons with disabilities to partner on employment services for consumers in the Clay County area.

Want More Information About Employment Services?

If you’re interested in Employment Services or want to receive more information, we’re here to help.

Contact Christy McGuire
Employment Services, Director
Call: 816-377-0296

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