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Lynda Raglon Honored as Direct Support Professional of the Year at EITAS Annual Excellence in Service Awards

Lynda Raglon Honored as Direct Support Professional of the Year at EITAS Annual Excellence in Service Awards

In a remarkable recognition of dedication and compassion, Lynda Raglon has been awarded the prestigious Direct Support Professional of the Year award at the EITAS Annual Excellence in Service ceremony. Lynda’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of those she supports has set a new standard in the field of direct support services.

Lynda’s journey to this esteemed award began with her exceptional work in ensuring that individuals under her care lead full and rich lives. Lynda’s dedication goes far beyond her job description, as she consistently demonstrates extraordinary compassion and devotion.

A testament to her commitment is the story of how Lynda became a natural support for an individual during a prolonged hospital stay. When Medicaid ceased funding services due to the hospitalization, Lynda voluntarily continued to provide care and support outside of her working hours. Her selflessness extended further when she supported the individual’s roommates after his passing, providing comfort and stability during a difficult time.

Lynda’s award is not the only accolade our organization received at the EITAS ceremony. Our Training Department was honored with the Innovation and Excellence Award. This recognition reflects the department’s pioneering work in developing cutting-edge training programs that have significantly enhanced the quality of care provided by our staff.

Additionally, Yolanda Roberts, another dedicated member of our team, received an Honorable Mention Award. Yolanda’s outstanding contributions and unwavering commitment to excellence have made a profound impact on our organization and the individuals we serve.

The recognition of these awards highlights the incredible efforts of our staff in providing exceptional support and care. We are immensely proud of Lynda Raglon, our Training Department, and Yolanda Roberts for their achievements and their ongoing dedication to our mission.

These accolades serve as a testament to the hard work and compassion that define our organization. As we continue to strive for excellence, we are inspired by the remarkable stories of our team members and their unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of those we serve.

Life Unlimited Announces Merger with MERIL, Strengthening Support for Individuals with Disabilities in Northwest Missouri

Contact: Emily Morgan

Life Unlimited and MERIL started working together a year ago to enhance the services provided to people with disabilities throughout Northwest Missouri. Today, we are thrilled to announce the next step in this partnership: the merger of Life Unlimited with MERIL.

This merger represents a monumental leap forward for both organizations, with the shared goal of enhancing services, providing better benefits and pay to employees, and introducing new much-needed services to our communities. Importantly, there will be no disruption to the services currently provided by MERIL.

Founded on the principle of collaboration to offer better support and services to people living with disabilities, Life Unlimited embodies this spirit through the merger with MERIL, aiming to amplify impact and extend reach in the communities served.

The organizations forming Life Unlimited include Immacolata Manor in Liberty, Mo., Concerned Care in North Kansas City, Mo., Open Options in Kansas City, Mo., and as of April 2024, MERIL in St. Joseph and Northwest Mo.

“We are incredibly excited about this merger and are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for everyone involved,” said Julie Edlund, CEO of Life Unlimited. “MERIL’s dedication and hard work have been instrumental in bringing us to this point, and we have no doubt that together with MERIL, we will have an even greater impact on the lives of individuals living with disabilities in our communities.”

About Life Unlimited, Inc.

Life Unlimited is a leading organization dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities in Kansas City. Committed to advocacy, empowerment, and inclusion, Life Unlimited provides a range of services to support individuals in achieving their goals and living independently.


MERIL (Midland Empire Resources for Independent Living) is a renowned organization serving individuals with disabilities in St. Joseph, Maryville, and Northwest Missouri. Through innovative programs and community partnerships, MERIL strives to empower individuals, enhance their quality of life, and foster inclusivity and independence.

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