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Author: Andrea Adams

Hats Off to Mothers Keepsake Book

All the Details
** All ad content MUST be received on or by noon on April 1. **
Unfortunately, we cannot provide exceptions due to the necessary lead time for printing.

• Life Unlimited reserves the right to review and approve photos and text. Some submissions may be returned for revision.

• The Ad Purchaser is responsible for providing text, photos or any art chosen to be in the ad and is responsible for all necessary permissions, trademark or copyright obligations for submitted materials.

• We cannot provide refunds.

• Books can be picked up at the May 10 luncheon or at Life Unlimited after May 10. Unfortunately, we cannot ship books.

• Additional books are available for purchase for $40/book.

• Placement cost includes one book. Hats Off sponsorship or $275+ (or in-kind donation with a $500+ value) includes placements and copies of the book (see enclosed).

• The ordering of placements is at the discretion of Life Unlimited


Do I receive a complimentary ad with my sponsorship ($275 value) or in-kind auction donation ($550+ value)? Yes! See grid below. Single ticket purchasers do not receive a complimentary ad, they can purchase an ad. See the fee information below.

ALSO: You can increase the size of your complimentary placement by paying the difference. For example, if you’d like a half-size ad, and you purchased a $5,000 sponsorship, you can pay an additional $250 to change your quarter-page ad into a half-page ad.

Do I have to design the ad? No, you don’t! We’re creating a hard-cover book that is gorgeous inside and out. Simply send text and/or high-res photos per the guidelines below, and we’ll do the rest! We support the following file types: JPEG, PNG and PDF.

Can my business or employer buy an ad? YES! The fees above apply. Design an ad per the dimensions above.

Ad Ideas

Your ad will be seen by hundreds: moms, corporate sponsors, Hats Off attendees/supporters and those in the Life Unlimited community – and, most importantly, the mom for whom you’re making a tribute! We encourage you to speak from the heart and use your creativity.

  • Select a size, and, if applicable, a template. See all the templates, image requirements and text limits here.
  • Send us your high-res images and text through the submission form, and we’ll do the rest!

Some sample ad messages and photo ideas:

  • Full page ad: “Congratulations, Katherine! I cannot think of a more deserving Hats Off to Mothers honoree!” (include up to 6 pictures of yourself and Katherine, a picture of her, with or without her family, etc., and 85-100 words)
  • Half page ad: “My life has been framed by your love. Thank you, mom! Love you!“ (include up to 3 photos from your childhood of you and your mom, just your mom, etc., and 50 words)
  • “Dedicated to all the moms in the disability community. You are superwomen!” (include one corresponding photo or one logo for your company, Life Unlimited, etc., and 25-30 words)
  • Mother’s Day Mention: a meaningful tribute of 40 words or less for a modest fee! (Only space for text; no photos.)
    Example: To Stella, my dear sister: Congratulations on the birth of Ben! I am so happy for you, Keith, Sadie and Johnny. Love, Miranda.

Bruce Staude

Bruce Staude had worked for Vocational Services Inc. (VSI)–Sheltered Workshop for over 40 years, but he earned a sub-minimum wage. Bruce was obviously a dedicated employee, but he decided it was time for a change. Retirement was not an option.

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Kathy Staude

Kathy Staude spent more than 30 years working at Vocational Services Inc. (VSI)–Sheltered Workshop earning a subminimum wage.

In June of 2017, she made the big decision to change her life and explore competitive employment. Kathy chose Life Unlimited, Inc. – Employment Services to be the service provider.
When Kathy needed to take ‘baby steps’ into competitive employment, DMH funding was instrumental in providing service units for prevocational classes and supported employment for a Life Unlimited training position. Prevocational classes taught Kathy people skills for the workplace, built her confidence and ultimately her self-esteem, and equipped her to enter competitive employment.

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