Life Unlimited Services

Community Living

Life Unlimited provides housing to adults with intellecutal and developmental disabilites in a variety of residential settings throughout the Kansas City area. All our homes are focused on community integration. In Community Living, we provide individualized services in every aspect of life—personal care, money management, transportation, medication administration, and more.


Day Services

In our day service program located in Liberty, Missouri our dedicated support staff work with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilites to help make their goals and outcomes a reality. Most of these goals are focused in the areas of skill development, community integration and volunteering.


Employment Services

Life Unlimited provides individualized employment services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilites, including job skills training, placement, and coaching, to help individuals find and maintain meaningful jobs in their community. Every individual, regardless of disability, has abilities and talents that can make an impact through employment.


Community Therapeutic Recreation Program

Our Community Therapeutic Recreation program serves more than 500 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilites every year through hundreds of activity opportunities that promote physical well-being, social skills development, and community integration. Some of our activities include bowling, cooking and fitness classes, music therapy, volunteering, and more.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Board-certified specialists are available onsite to provide assessments and recommended interventions for those those intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Kansas City area based on the reason for behavior excesses or deficits.


Community Support Options (CSO)

Our CSO program provides individuals with developmental disabilites with onsite support to attain and maintain independent living. CSO is comprised of 3 types of services: individualized skill development, community integration, and personal assistant services.