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Karl Morris Society

The science of behavior to promote meaningful and positive change in the lives of people.
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Be Part of Karl’s Inner Circle

The Karl Morris Society is Life Unlimited’s premier annual giving network. It honors a legacy that spans decades, established community-based services for people with developmental disabilities, and allowed three storied organizations to form what is now the largest program of its kind in our region. We are excited to build upon Karl’s legacy and extend this opportunity to immortalize your status as a champion for disability services.

This group recognizes every donor who gives $1,000 or more to Life Unlimited within a fiscal year, from July 1 through June 30.

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How to Join

There is no need to sign up! Donors who give $1,000 or more within a fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) will receive an invitation to the Karl Morris Society Brick Dedication and Manor Tour in the fall. Gifts to any area of the organization qualify and include donations to the Annual Appeal, DSP fund, and Sarah Oyen Classic, as well as Hats Off To Mothers ticket purchases (the tax-deductible portion), online auction purchases, cash, matching gifts and gifts through consortiums such as the United Way.

Join this distinguished group of donors and share in a commitment to Life Unlimited’s mission with your cumulative gift of $1,000 or more. Your collective generosity reverberates through our services, and your annual gift will ensure a life unlimited for people with disabilities for years—and generations—to come.

From the day I started these programs, I’ve thought: If you can live in the world of possibility, you can create unpredictable results, and good things will start to happen for the people you serve. That happened—in a big way.” — Karl Morris

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A Legacy of Leadership for People with Disabilities

Nearly 50 years ago, Karl Morris established one of our three founding organizations and laid the groundwork for what eventually became Life Unlimited, the largest disability service provider in the Kansas City area. During a time when secluded state institutions were the primary living options for adults with disabilities, Karl developed comprehensive, community-based programs and residential apartments that integrated them into the community and promoted their independence.

He saw a need, and he met it with swift, unselfish action. Today, more than 700 individuals and their families benefit from Life Unlimited’s array of services, which include:

  • Residential housing
  • Day programs
  • Employment services
  • Family resources
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Community therapeutic recreation
  • Transportation

Karl, as humble as ever, references others’ triumphs among his proudest moments. More than 20 employees who worked under Karl’s leadership have gone on to become CEOs or executive directors of local and national disability organizations, further entrenching his impact and galvanizing the disability community as an unstoppable force.

In 30+ years as executive director, Karl Morris:

  • Established key services for hundreds residents with disabilities in the Kansas City area.
  • Was recognized with numerous awards and lauded by the local disability community and the Missouri legislature.
  • Received national news coverage for community-based living programs. Organizations from around the country sought to observe and emulate these innovative practices.
  • Partnered with universities to train master’s and doctorate students and published nationally endorsed research on group home policies and procedures.
  • Increased community involvement with important political figures and local leaders.
  • Founded the Missouri Association of Rehabilitation Facilities and the Missouri Chapter of American Networking of Community Options & Resources
    (ANCOR) and co-authored a highly praised book on social services.

Karl Morris lifts others up. He is a selfless leader who truly believes small acts can make the biggest difference. He is the real deal and a model representative for our giving society—a circle of compassionate individuals that, as it expands, will envelop and open doors for people with disabilities.

Help us keep Karl’s incomparable legacy thriving. Join the Karl Morris Society with an annual gift of $1,000+ that shines the light of opportunity on those among us who are often overlooked.

You can also give an $85 monthly donation using the link above to qualify to be part of the Karl Morris Society. If you have questions or would like to join, please contact Director of Development Andrea Adams at

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