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DSP Job Description

Job Title:       Direct Support Professional

Department:    Community Living and Day Services

Reports To:     Team Supervisor

FLSA:             Non-Exempt


A Direct Support Professional provides support in all areas of daily living including, but not limited to personal care assistance and teaching; community integration and socialization; development of personal interests, skills and talents; and personal safety.


  • Provides high quality services that are person-centered and meet best practice standards.
  • Understands and provides services in accordance with each Individual Support Plan (ISP) and behavioral support plans (BSP) as needed.  Provides appropriate levels of supervision and support as indicated in the plan(s).
  • Offers activities that are individualized and person-centered.
  • Provides supports on an individualized basis in making informed choices, growing in self-esteem and personal dignity, and achieving community integration and participation.
  • Ensures that all supports are provided according to best practice and individual choice, including attending social, recreational, and religious activities.
  • The ability to effectively and efficiently use computers or mobile devices to input, access, modify, or output information. This includes the ability to quickly access, store and retrieve data.  
  • Ensures documentation is compliant with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  • Completes all required documentation, including electronic documentation, according to program requirements.
  • Completes Event Reports according to agency policy and state rules and regulations.
  • Keeps all client records confidential and secured.
  • Ensures all financial policies and procedures for use of agency and individual funds are followed and all documentation is completed as funds are used.  
  • Complies with all health and safety guidelines, rules, policies and procedures.
  • Ensures the health and safety of all individuals through teaching and providing support in areas of personal care needs, dental hygiene and other health-related duties, including those delegated by a registered nurse (RN). 
  • Keeps hazardous and potentially harmful materials locked and out of individuals’ reach unless the individual has demonstrated safe handling skills. 
  • Ensures soiled laundry/trash is treated/disposed of according to safety guidelines.
  • The ability to effectively and efficiently use computers or mobile devices to input, access, modify, or output information. This includes the ability to quickly access, store and retrieve data.
  • Knows and observes guidelines for drills and emergencies and conducts drills according to monthly schedule.
  • Administer and document medications and monitor individuals who self-medicate according to guidelines taught in Level 1 Medication Administration classes. 
  • Ensure personal care tasks are carried out as detailed in the ISP, including but not limited to shaving and nail trimming.   
  • Attends medical appointments as necessary; provides appropriate follow-up with team supervisor and/or health coordinator.
  • Contributes to a home-like, safe, sanitary environment for person-centered living. Ensures adequate supply of food, home supplies, personal-care supplies – goes shopping for the work site as necessary.
  • Prepares for time away from home, including family visits and vacations, by assisting with preparing luggage and medications with accurate printed instructions, and provides appropriate documentation that includes dates and times of departure and return.
  • Demonstrate strengths in cooking and menu planning, money management, organization of resident’s schedules and activities, home maintenance, and the ability to develop a positively evolving and capable team.
  • All Other Duties as Assigned


  • Protects the rights of all individuals:
  • Is knowledgeable about the rights of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
  • Respects and advocates for the capabilities, dignity and rights of each individual and files report of any human rights violation immediately.
  • Understands that all forms of abuse, neglect, and exploitation are unacceptable.  Reports any observation or suspicion of abuse or neglect to a member of administration.
  • Complies with all company policies and procedures, and maintains certifications and credentials including but not limited to the following:
  • Keeps current certification in all areas required by agency policy and Medicaid Waiver, including CPR, FA, Crisis Intervention, and Level 1 Medication Administration.
  • Finds coverage of shift(s) if unable to work and immediately reports change to the team supervisor, the person on call, and others as applicable.
  • Gives and accepts feedback appropriately:
  • Communicates concerns to the appropriate person, in a professional manner.
  • Accepts feedback and makes an effort to improve performance and correct mistakes.
  • Interacts with other employees in a professional and supportive manner, consistent with the mission of the agency and the interests of people served.
  • Performs other duties and attends team/program/agency meetings as requested.

Physical Expectations

  • This position requires extended periods of walking and standing with some periods of sitting which is dependent upon the needs and activities of the individuals supported.  It may require light to heavy lifting, up to 50 pounds independently, and occasional stooping, kneeling, bending, and/or climbing stairs depending on the needs of the individual supported. 
  • The position will require occasional physical intervention if confronted by a person displaying combative or potentially dangerous behavior. 
  • Driving an agency or personal vehicle is a part of community integration for the individuals we support.

Working Conditions

Office/home environment with noises from appliances, telephones, and occasional small machinery (lawn mower, etc.).  May be exposed to bloodborne pathogens and/or infectious diseases.  Occasionally, prolonged hours or unusual chores to meet the unexpected needs of the individuals (i.e. medical and/or behavioral).


  • Be at least 18 years of age and provide proof of high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in English – both in writing and orally.
  • Must not have been convicted of any disqualifying felony and must not have been substantiated for abuse or neglect in the state of Missouri, as recorded by the Department of Mental Health’s Employee Disqualification List.
  • Must have reliable transportation for transporting clients.
  • Must demonstrate safe practices in all areas and exemplify positive professional standards.
  • Must obtain a Class E driver’s license during new hire orientation– must carry minimum coverage applicable by law for auto insurance
  • Must Receive Seasonal Flu Vaccination
  • Must Receive Covid-19 Vaccination
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