Kansas Case Management

Kansas Case Management

Life Unlimited is a licensed provider of case management services in Kansas with contracts in both Johnson and Wyandotte Counties. We serve people with all types of disabilities.

What is Case Management?

The definition of Kansas Targeted Case Management services is: “Those services which will assist the individual in gaining access to medical, social, educational and other needed services.”

In our view, the goal of case management is to assist people in identifying, obtaining, and using supports to enhance independence and interdependence in their community. We believe that all people have unique beauty and talents, and a drive to set our own direction in life. We believe that quality of life is individually defined and we all deserve the supports needed to reach that personally defined quality. A talented case manager knows the resources and the resource brokers, listens well and asks questions, advocates endlessly, presents positive energy, and is continually learning ways to negotiate the “systems” of care.

Life Unlimited provides the assessment, planning, coordinating, monitoring, and documenting service components of case management for each person choosing our services.

  1. Assessment – Comprehensive assessment and periodic reassessment of individual needs to determine the need for any medical, educational, social, or other services.
  2. Planning – Development (and periodic revision) of a personal (specific) care plan based on the information collected through the assessment, that includes specific goals and actions to address the medical, social, educational, and other services needed.
  3. Coordinating Services – Referral and related activities (such as scheduling appointments for the individual, coordination and linking of supports) to help people obtain needed services, including activities that help link the individual with providers or other programs and services that are capable of providing needed services.
  4. Documenting Services – Monitoring and follow-up activitiesincluding activities and contacts that are necessary to ensure that the care plan is effectively implemented.

Who do we serve?

We successfully assist over 70 children and adults experiencing a wide range of developmental disabilities including Autism, Down Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, cognitive disabilities and mental illness. Our clients live in their family homes or their own homes where they may receive residential supports. They attend school and day programs and have supported and competitive employment.

Why choose Life Unlimited for Targeted Case Management services?

Navigating life can be a challenge. When you experience a disability, it can become even more so. Especially when the choices made today can affect tomorrow.

Life is exciting, rewarding and full of choices! When you experience a disability, making those choices a reality becomes even more important. Understanding the options is critical. Targeted Case Management offers the support to help you choose. Through a solid belief that you are in charge, Life Unlimited case managers offer the advocacy and support you need to gain access, not only to the services you need, but the life you want! Starting with assessment, we learn what makes you, you. Understanding your personal history and unique needs is the stepping stone in the development of the supports you will need to live the kind of exciting and rewarding life you deserve. Through referrals, monitoring and follow up, Life Unlimited keeps YOU at the center of all we do in Case Management services.

Our case managers are qualified through many years of experience, degrees in social work, and/or personal experience with children with disabilities.

What People Say about Life Unlimited:

  • “I could not get the help I needed for my child until my case manager showed me how.”
  • “Everything was “alphabet soup. Our case manager made it make sense.”
  • “My case manager knows I decide!!!”
  • “Finally, someone who listened!”