Community Support Options (CSO)

Community Support Options

*We require all individuals in Community Living to be fully vaccinated.*

Community Support Options is comprised of 3 types of services: Individualized Skill Development, Community Integration, and Personal Assistant Services.

Our programs provide individuals with the supports they need to attain or maintain independent living skills in their natural homes. Our services are provided with person-centered instruction for optimal acquisition and retention of skills learned. Encouraging and teaching individuals how to advocate for themselves is an integral part of all three services.
Individualized Skill Development typically involves teaching individuals how to budget, meal plan/preparation, grocery shop, maintain the cleanliness, safety, and maintenance of their home, attend and understand information received during medical appointments (also see Personal Assistance), safely utilize alternate transportation services, and much more as directed by the individuals’ needs.
Community Integration  includes active participation in group activities/events, volunteering and obtaining memberships in organized worship/spiritual activities, recreational activities, and social clubs.

Personal Assistance services are provided in a limited capacity for medical appointments, when combined with Individualized Skill Development services.