Roshann Parris


What an honor and a joy it is to be amongst so many smart, energized and thoughtful women!

I grew up in the back of my parents’ corner drugstore in Louisville, Kentucky.  It was there that I learned life’s greatest lessons: work really hard, exceed expectations, be kind to people from all walks, and treat everyone as you would want to be treated.

My beloved Mom, Stella, was raised by my very modest Greek grandparents.  She never went to college.  But she was one of the wisest and most inspiring women I’ve ever known.

She encouraged me along a dual-track life for the last 45 years.  One has been in strategic communications, and one in national service to our country’s leaders.

In that time, I’ve had the chance to work with some extraordinary people both right here in Kansas City, and in over 75 countries around the world on behalf of The White House.  Alongside U.S. Presidents and First Ladies, it’s been a front-row seat to world history.


Motherhood for me has been a magnificent journey in some non-traditional ways.  There are our 5 beloved children and their spouses, our 5 magical grandchildren and our 3 rescue pups.   There are the hundreds of  “children” I’ve had the chance to raise through decades of national service; they are truly carrying forward a legacy for our country’s future.  And there are the 4-legged children we have spiritually adopted at the Kansas City Campus for Animal Care, which we founded in honor and memory of Adele Hall – an angel mother to all she touched.

Thank you for the privilege of being in this beautiful Life Unlimited room.  Each of you has left a handprint on the heart of Kansas City.  I feel so grateful to live in your midst!