Celebrating Our Employees

At Life Unlimited, we are called to protect, fight for justice, show courage in the face of adversity, and lead. It makes sense our staff mascot is a lion. He’s fierce but friendly and embodies all we stand for, exemplifying our guiding principles to:

  1. Demonstrate an unselfish concern for the well-being and happiness of others.
  2. Be open, authentic, and truthful.
  3. Respect the dignity of every person and every role.

Our culture is built around celebrating each other’s’ wins and accomplishments, which is why we nominate our fellow Life Unlimited team members to receive ROARS Cards. Each letter represents our core values to be Responsible, Open, Accountable, Respectful, and Selfless. Employees who receive the cards are honored within their teams and eligible for prize drawings at our staff meetings.

Roaring into Action:

Ryan Hicks, our facilities and maintenance director, demonstrated he was Selfless when he spent most of his day with one of our clients because he was interested in the maintenance field. He carved out time in his extremely busy schedule to answer all the questions he had and was encouraging to him my giving him advice and wisdom from his own life experiences. I am grateful to be working with Ryan as part of our Life Unlimited team. He loves the individuals we serve, and it shows.” — Holly Binkley, Job Coach

Amber Cervantes (DSP) has been Respectful and Selfless. She put great effort into making sure that an individual is offered enjoyable, quality-of-life activities. It is obvious Amber cares about this individual and has worked hard to find activities that bring her happiness.
Rochelle Stumph, Day Program Supervisor

As Jessica Fennell (DSP) promised from the beginning, she absolutely has been Accountable and crushed her trainings and goes to show how dedicated she is to learning. Jessica held herself accountable and completed everything in a very short time. I look forward to seeing her grow within the company!
Erik McGrath, HR Recruiter

During a period of being short-staffed, Charlene Vanston was Open and Accountable and made sure to check in with me and cover a shift and a sleep shift so that I could spend some time at home with my kids and give me a break. She’s new to the Program Manager position and doing an outstanding job! — Stacey Sperry, Team Supervisor


ROARS Button

To recognize a Life Unlimited staff member’s exceptional service or work, please submit a ROARS Card to our Training Department at Be sure to include the person you are nominating on the email and their supervisor, if you know who that is. Specify which value the person demonstrated and describe how they made a meaningful impact.