Open Options

Open Options is now part of Life Unlimited!

By combining these organizations under the umbrella of Life Unlimited, we’ll be able to provide support services to more clients and their families in the Kansas City Metro.

This is a merger of our longstanding programs and staff talents, making Life Unlimited stronger as we work together to set a new direction for the combined organization. Life Unlimited was originally formed by merging two other longstanding care organizations, Concerned Care and Immaculata Manor. Together with Open Options, all three organizations’ Board of Directors have finalized the merger to improve and expand residential offerings, supports, and services, while also creating a larger platform for disability awareness.

With its founding agencies serving individuals with developmental disabilities and their families since 1972, Life Unlimited provides life changing services to individuals with developmental disabilities to help them maintain, retain, or regain skills to reach their highest potential and independence. With state-provided support dwindling for individuals with developmental needs— including appropriate housing/staffing, transportation, medical assistance, and employment opportunities—those in need are turning to Life Unlimited for support more than ever.

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