Kelly Von Mosch

Buffalo born but Kansas City raised, I moved to KC at 4 years old completely unaware of what the next 41 years had in store. Within a few years of arriving, my parents divorced. As is often the case, the divorce was difficult on me and my brother. Ultimately, I remained in KC with my mother while my brother and father moved to Texas. Eventually my mother found love again and with that I gained two older step brothers. I graduated Blue Springs high school where growing up in a military household instilled structure and developed a strong work ethic, but also brought about teenage conflict and challenges that took a tragedy to overcome. At 15 I moved out and worked full time in the service industry discovering a passion for helping others. At 18 my world was shattered when my father was diagnosed with cancer. Within three short months, he was gone. Shortly thereafter I was involved in a near fatal car accident. With my world crumbling and months long recovery ahead, I knew I had to make some changes. Working tirelessly to rebuild relationships with my mother and stepfather became my priority. At 23 I unknowingly met my husband, Doug. Over the course of a few years and some persistence on his part, we became friends before dating and eventually marrying at 25. We lived in Prairie Village and were blessed with our first child, Ivan, in 2003 followed by our daughter, Ella, in 2005. Ivan and Ella are profoundly deaf and received cochlear implants at 26 months (Ivan) and 9 months (Ella) of age. Developing speech and language while learning to hear required an incredible team of doctors, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, teachers, and years of grit and determination. It was during this time that my passion for helping others blossomed. I became involved in fundraising for St. Lukes, Midwest Ear Institute and St. Joseph’s Institute for the deaf. Alongside fundraising, I have enjoyed advocating for other families that have children with hearing loss.

Being a working mom and raising two special needs kids has been challenging, sometimes even frustrating, but easily the most rewarding and noble job ever! My kids are exceeding my wildest dreams. Ivan will be graduating high school this spring with honors and a CNA certification. He’ll begin pursuing medical school this fall. Ella is wrapping up her sophomore year of high school as a varsity athlete before continuing her engineering interests in the fall. Motherhood is a lifetime of endless miracles. Being honored for HOTM touches my heart. My mother simply taught me to be kind and help others. Her unexpected passing in 2020 is a reminder of how very important every moment that you share is and I will cherish this recognition in her memory. Thank you so much, forever grateful.