Tara is living Life Unlimited!

Due to her poor health, Tara was told that she would live in a facility with people taking care of her for the rest of her life.  And then, a year ago, she came to Life Unlimited.  And everything changed.  Determined to get healthy, she went on a diet, started exercising, took her medications, met Laura and Gail (her direct care professionals) and the change began.

Today, she has lost over 80 pounds.  Her seizures have almost completely stopped and her doctors told her if she continues on this road to health, she will no longer need to take seizure medication or insulin.

Tara joined our employment program a few months ago and went through on the job training serving as the receptionist at our Liberty campus.  Last week she was offered her first real job working as a childcare provider at an after school program.  She loves to shop, volunteer, and has a genuine love for life now. Thanks to your support, she has hope for a bright future.

Tara could have been a quitter.  Everyone else had convinced her that nothing good was going to happen to her.  But Tara has tenacity.  She found the right place to live and people who believed she could do it.  Tara is excited about what else is waiting for her.  She’s living her life with unlimited possibilities.